Ford Focus RS: The Ultimate Performance Compact for Daring Road Performers

Not your Dad's Ford Focus, the limited-edition 2018 Ford Focus RS is a top of the line, finely-tuned performance instrument. Sure, you will look good whipping the RS - even when parked - with the slick high-mount spoiler, RS-unique rims, and grille so mean it would scare a ghost, but are you prepared to make the most of this racing dream?

We hope you are not allergic to leather because when this 350 horsepower, 2.3 Liter EcoBoost engine opens up you will be peeling yourself off of your headrest. Better remember your seatbelt!

When you want to get "there" fast and show off your flair, you will thank Henry Ford himself for the equipped Selectable Drive Modes. The RS sets the standard with its industry-first Drift Mode that will let you execute your controlled oversteer drifts without breaking a sweat.

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