Simple Tips for Removing Pet’s Fur from the Interior of your Car

Perhaps, you have your own favorite pet, be it a dog, cat, or rabbit. Of course, there is no doubt your pet is your friend too. And for this reason, most of the time you have it near you. Indeed, pets provide an excellent company while traveling. Unfortunately, they have one downside, shedding their coats frequently. At Roswell Ford, we guide you in removing pet’s fur from your car upholstery because we believe you should be informed with cleaning tips for your car.

The following are practical tips to get rid of a pet’s fur in your car:

  1. Use an inflated rubber balloon. It creates a static current when rubbed over your car’s upholstery that attracts pet hair.
  2. Use rubber gloves and water. Rubber gloves can also produce static current when vigorously rubbed over the car upholstery.
  3. Use specialized vacuum cleaners that are equipped with a rubber bristled brush for collecting hair.
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