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Ford X Plan Pricing Details - Find Out If You Are Eligible For The X Plan Discount

Getting a new car can be a lot of fun but many buyers dread the confusing process of arriving at a fair price.  With so much information about pricing on the internet, from so many different sources, it can be overwhelming to try to understand what is a fair price and what is not.

Fortunately, for employees of select partners of Ford Motor Company, this process is made simple through the Ford X-Plan partner recognition program. At 
Roswell Ford, we often find that employees of these select partner companies are not aware of the pricing benefits that they are entitled to based on their employment with a Ford Motor Company Partner. Throughout this article, we will briefly explore X-Plan pricing, eligibility and benefits.

 What is Ford X-Plan?

X-Plan is preferred (invitation only) new vehicle pricing that is offered to select employees of preferred business partners of Ford Motor Company.  X-Plan pricing is valid towards the purchase or lease of most  new Ford vehicles.

Who qualifies for Ford X-Plan?

Generally, employees (full time, part-time and contract), spouses and retirees of eligible Partner companies (suppliers, fleets, etc.) and members of specific organizations or groups may qualify for X-Plan. Residents of the same household as qualified employee are also eligible with proper proof of residency. Participation in this program is by invitation only as determined by Ford Motor Company. Not all suppliers, fleets, etc. are eligible. If you are unsure of whether you qualify or not, read on.

What companies get X Plan pricing?

Currently, there are nearly 3,400 partner companies that qualify for employee X-Plan pricing. This list is constantly changing based on new and dissolved relationships between Ford Motor Company and their partners. Because of the changing nature of these relationships, there is no central list that you can access to check your eligibility, so it is best to contact your dealer to have them check for you. At Acton Ford, we often assist employees of the following companies (currently or previously eligible) with X-Plan pricing: Bose, Raytheon, IBM, Cisco, Monster.com, EMC, Boston Scientific, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),  State Street Financial, Fresenius Medical, Liberty Mutual, Saint Gobain, The Math Works and many other large local employers. If you aren't sure if your company qualifies, your HR benefits coordinator may also have some information on this program.

How much is X-Plan going to save me on a new vehicle purchase?

X-Plan savings vary from vehicle to vehicle, however they generally remain constant as percentage of the vehicle cost. To help illustrate this point, lets take a look at an example. Below is a image that shows the dealer invoice for a Ford F-150. Because X-Plan buyers often qualify for rebates in addition to their X-Plan pricing, we have included rebates in our example for this truck. As you can see below, the X Plan price is very close to dealer invoice. With the application of rebates, this particular example saved nearly $8,000 off MSRP and only $141 more than dealer invoice. To be transparent, due to the high level of rebates and the discount package on the MSRP, this is one of the better savings available through X-Plan.
However, on average, X plan buyers will receive significant savings from MSRP

See Example Below:

How do I receive X-Plan Pricing?

To take advantage of the program, you will need an X-Plan personal identification number (PIN). Don't worry though, most dealers don't require you to have this when shopping. However, you will need this at the time of delivery. This can often be obtained by asking your Ford Dealer or HR Benefits coordinator for your company's X-Plan Partner Code. Once you have the partner code, your Ford dealer can help you generate your X-Plan PIN. You may qualify for up to two pins per calendar year, with each PIN expiring within 12 months of being issued. Once you arrive at the dealership, there are no shell games, as the X-Plan price is clearly marked on the invoice from the manufacturer (see above). After informing your dealer of X-Plan eligibility, ask to see the invoice to verify your pricing.

If you want to explore pricing before arriving at the dealership, you can also input your partner code at www.fordpartner.com to shop X-Plan vehicles.


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